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Planning Board Members

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Members: Class: Term Expires:
Louis Castellucci Chairman 12/31/19
Mayor Class I Member 12/31/19
Gerry Naylis
Class II Member 12/31/17
Thomas A. Lodato Class III Member 12/31/17
Jerald Berger
Class IV Member 12/31/18
Mike Knowles Class IV Member 12/31/17
Benedict Cabrera
Class IV Member 12/31/17
Romeo I. Abenoja
Class IV Member 12/31/17
Robert Rivas

Class IV Member

Cynthia Naylis
Alt. #1 12/31/18
John Long
Alt. #2 12/31/19
Hilda Tavitian
Board Clerk
Ronald Mondello
Boswell Engineering


Meets 3rd Monday of the month at 8:00PM in the Council Chambers except as otherwise noted