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Welcome to the Borough of Bergenfield, New Jersey

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Bergenfield Mayor & Council

Welcome to the official web site of the Borough of Bergenfield, New Jersey.

This website seeks to provide a comprehensive online resource, and to answer most questions that residents and others may have about the operations of the Borough of Bergenfield. The site has been created, and is continuously updated, to answer most of the questions that residents might have about our town's government, operations, and services. It has also been designed to be clear and easy to navigate, so that visitors to the site will be able to quickly and easily find the information they're looking for.

What kind of information can you find here? Everything from the meeting schedules and agendas of the Mayor and Council, to the requirements for obtaining a marriage license; from how and when to pay your property tax bill, to senior citizen transportation services; from recycling schedules and requirements, to information about our town's parks.

Not sure where to find what you're looking for? Visit our Site Index for an alphabetical list of links, to go directly to the section of our site that covers the particular area. If you have a question about Bergenfield, please browse through this web site first, before calling Borough Hall, to see whether the information you seek is already provided here. Remember to bookmark this site as one of your "favorite places", and thank you for visiting Bergenfield on the World Wide Web!

Top row, left to right: Councilman Buddy Deauna; Council President Arvin Amatorio; Councilman Thomas Lodato; Councilman Hernando Rivera; Councilwoman Ora Kornbluth; Councilman Rafael Marte. Bottom row, left to right: Borough Attorney John L. Schettino; Mayor Norman Schmelz; Borough Administrator Corey Gallo; Borough Clerk Marie Quinones.