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Tickborne disease activity & the detection of emerging tickborne pathogens in ticks

Public Health Advisory

NJLINCS Health Alert Network

Distributed by the New Jersey Department of Health

Subject: Public Health Advisory : Tickborne disease activity & the detection of emerging tickborne pathogens in ticks

Date: 06/02/2023 14:59:54

Official Message No.: 111783-6-2-2023-PHAD

Contact Info: Kim Cervantes | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Tickborne disease activity & the detection of emerging tickborne pathogens in ticks Download here:

Healthcare providers should be aware of recent trends in tickborne illness in N.J. and maintain a heightened clinical suspicion for these diseases in persons with clinically compatible symptoms. The attached document provides information on tickborne disease activity, emerging tickborne viruses, and resources for tickborne disease testing and prevention.

 The weekly NJDOH Vector-borne Disease Surveillance report provides information on current tick and mosquito-borne disease activity in N.J. https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/statistics/arboviral-stats/

Covid 19 Weekly Activity Report 6/1/23

Public Health Information

NJLINCS Health Alert Network

Distributed by the New Jersey Department of Health

Subject: Public Health Info : COVID-19 Weekly Activity Report for week ending 6_1_23

Date: 06/02/2023 14:55:46

Official Message No.: 111784-6-2-2023-PHIN

Contact Info: Nagla Bayoumi | 609-826-5964 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kim Cervantes | 609-826-5964 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Covid Weekly Activity Report 

Attached please find the COVID-19 Weekly Activity Report. The report includes information on current CDC COVID-19 hospital admission levels, the primary surveillance indicator to help guide individual and community decisions related to risk and preventative measures. In addition to hospitalization metrics, the report includes information on other important indicators for monitoring COVID-19 activity including data on cases, deaths, syndromic surveillance, and genomic surveillance.

Report Highlights:

  • CDC COVID-19 Hospital Admission Levels, for the week ending June 1, 2023, are low in all counties.
  • The percentage of deaths due to COVID-19 in the past week is a timely measure of mortality trends. For the week ending June 1, 2023, <2% of deaths were due to COVID-19 (CDC COVID Data Tracker).
  • In the past week, 0.3% of emergency department visits were diagnosed as COVID-19. This is a moderate increase since the previous week (CDC COVID Data Tracker).
  • In the four weeks leading up to June 1, 2023, XBB.1.5 accounted for 66.6% of sequenced variants. XBB.1.16 and XBB accounted for 11.7% and 6.4%, respectively.
  • COVID-19 case rates among students and staff case rates remained stable and low. For the May 15 - May 21, 2023 period, overall case rates in all counties were very low.


This report can be found on the NJDOH website at https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/statistics/covid/index.shtml.

Please contact the Communicable Disease Service at 609-826-5964 with any questions about the report.

DPW Honored for Public Works Week


May 16, 2023


BERGENFIELD, N.J. – At last night’s Mayor and Council Meeting (5/16/23), the Bergenfield Department of Works was honored with a Proclamation for their commitment to serving the people of Bergenfield. Our DPW professionals are responsible for rebuilding, improving and protecting our town’s solid waste and recycling systems, maintain public buildings, parks, transportation, and waste water management.

The American Public Works Association has chosen “Connecting the World Through Public Works” as the theme for 2023. National Public Works Week has been celebrated since 1960; this year marks 63rd anniversary.

Mayor and Council of the Borough of Bergenfield, extend their sincere commendations and praise to the Bergenfield Public Works and hereby proclaim Sunday, May 21, 2023 through Saturday, May 27, 2023, as Public Works Week in Bergenfield, New Jersey.

###DPW Photo

Summer Recreation Information and Download Forms

Application for Summer Recreation Children

Application for Summer Recreation Personnel 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the Summer Recreation Program at Memorial Park

Q- What are its hours of operation?
A- The summer recreation program starts on the first Monday after school closes for the year and continues for six (6) weeks. It opens at 9AM and runs through 4PM, weather permitting. There is no recreation on July 4th.

Q- What happens if it rains?
A- If it is raining before 9AM, recreation will be closed. A decision will be made by 12 Noon to see if recreation can reopen for the afternoon. If it’s still raining (or the facilities are wet and unusable), recreation will be closed for the day. If it starts to rain (or thunder & lightning) during recreation, all children must be picked up from the park. Because there are no indoor facilities for the recreation program, the program will shut down during these situations.

Q- Must I register my child for the Recreation Program?
A- Yes. Upon completion of registration, each child will be assigned to group, by age, and to a counselor. It is imperative that child stay with his/her counselor and his/her group.

Q- Is there a registration fee?
A- Yes. The registration fee is $175.00 per child ($125.00 for each additional family member) for Bergenfield residents. This fee is payable upon registration and it covers the entire six week program, regardless of how many weeks or days your child(ren) attend the program. There are NO refunds.

Q- What are the ages of the children in the program?

A- Ages 4 through 12. 

Q- Where does my child meet his/her counselor each day?
A- Each group has a designated meeting place. Children are to meet their counselor(s) at this location. Likewise, children will be dismissed from this location also. To make the comparison to a school setting, this is their classroom and their counselor is their teacher.

Q- What do I do about lunch?
A- You may come and pick up your child(ren) for lunch at whatever time you arrange with them. Be sure to let your child’s counselor know that you are taking your child for lunch (or at any other time when your child is leaving the program early). Or, your child may bring his/her lunch to the program and eat at the park with his/her group and counselor. Be sure to put your child’s name on the bag (or lunch box). Do not pack perishable items.

Q- What should my child bring to recreation?
A- Children are encouraged to bring a snack with them each morning. In the afternoon, the ice cream truck stops by and it is not a bad idea to give your child some money for ice cream. If your child is going to play in the sprinklers, a change of clothes and a towel are important. DO NOT let your child bring to recreation any personal equipment- baseball cards, toys, sports equipment, iPods, CD players, etc. Things like this are very often lost and/or misplaced.

Q- Are the sprinklers going to be used?
A- Yes. The sprinklers will be open from about 12 Noon to 3:45PM. (or earlier if warranted), weather permitting.

Q- Are there field trips and other special programs/events?
A- Yes. All field trips and other special programs and events will be announced several days in advance. Permission slips are required for all field trips. Also, there is a cost involved with each trip, which will be stated on the permission slip.

Q- Is there a phone number for the Recreation Office?
A- Yes. For emergencies only, you can call (201) 387-4055, then option #9.


Updates on the impact of the COVID-19 / 2019 Novel Coronavirus ("Coronavirus Disease") upon the Bergenfield community, and the actions the Borough is taking

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