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All dogs (4 months or older) and cats (4 months or older) kept within the Borough must be currently licensed.  All Licenses expire at the end of each year and must be renewed the following January.

To be eligible for a license the dog or cat must have had at least one rabies immunization. That immunization must be valid through November 1, of the licensing period.

Example: the dog rabies immunization expires in June of a given year. The license will not be renewed in January of that year unless the rabies immunization is updated so that it extends past the end of that year. Note: You may not wait to license the animal. The animal is still required to be licensed in January.

To obtain a license you must show proof that the dog or cat has a current rabies immunization by showing a copy of that immunization record issued by a licensed veterinarian. Free rabies vaccination program is provided by the Health Department in December or January (weather permitting ) 

Download the form for a dog or cat license from here.



Dogs - $ 8.00 (spayed or neutered)
Dogs- $11.00 (unaltered)
Cats (spayed or neutered) - $8; each additional altered cat $5
Cats (unaltered) - $11; each additional unaltered cat $8

Fees may be paid in cash (in person only) or by check made payable to: Borough of Bergenfield.

Licenses that are not renewed by January 31st are subject to a late fee of $5 per animal per month starting the month of  February.  Any licenses not renewed by February 1, will be subject to additional late fees and summons.

The Bergen County Animal Shelter has a free rabies vaccination program. More information can be obtained at www.co.bergen.nj.us/bcas/. Please contact the Animal Shelter at 201-229-4600 for additional information and dates of the Free Rabies Clinic.