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Antlers Mock Council 2024

Antlers Mock Council 2024

Antlers #35 of Elks Lodge #1477 in Bergenfield marked Elks Youth Week with an engaging event at the heart of community governance. Transforming Bergenfield Borough Hall into a hub of youthful democracy, 13 students stepped into roles of leadership, electing a Mayor, Council President, and Borough Clerk. The initiative not only showcased their potential but also fostered civic engagement and leadership skills.

The success of the event owes much to the dedication of Tom Boyce and Katarzyna Budiman from Bergenfield Elks Lodge #1477, whose commitment to empowering youth is evident. Mayor Arvin Amatorio aptly summed up the spirit of the occasion, saying, "This mock council isn't just about today; it's about inspiring tomorrow's leaders and showing them the importance of community involvement. Our youth are the future stewards of Bergenfield, and events like these lay the groundwork for a vibrant, engaged society." With initiatives like this, the Elks Lodge continues to sow seeds of leadership and community spirit, ensuring a bright future for Bergenfield and its youth.