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Raffle Licenses

APPLICATION FOR RAFFLE LICENSE – The Governing Body of Bergenfield must approve your Application for Raffle at an open public meeting prior to the raffle being issued. You cannot begin any portion of the bingo or raffle prior to physically receiving your license from the municipal clerk. Legalized Games of Chance investigates Bingos and Raffles regularly and does issue stiff penalties to violators. Please be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get your license prior to you bingo or raffle.

Bring your completed application, along with three copies (four copies in total), originally signed and notarized, to the Borough Clerk's office seven days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting. You need two checks with the application: (1) check made payable to "Legalized Games of Chance", $20 for each type of raffle being held per $1,000 and (2) check payable to Borough of Bergenfield $20 for each type of raffle being held.  Off Premise 50/50 Cash or Merchandise as a prize must include a sample ticket with application.

You must also bring the current Registration Certificate issued to you by Legalized Games of Chance.

Raffle/Bingo Report Form is due on the 15th day of the month following your event. This is a report of the money that was raised at your event. When Legalized Games of Chance receives this report, your organization may be required to send additional fees based on the money you raised at your event.